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The Fall Gauntlet Books 1 - 3 (Paperback Bundle)

The Fall Gauntlet Books 1 - 3 (Paperback Bundle)

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Benji Calyx fights for his mom's freedom in a deadly arena. But a shocking truth awaits. Can he mend his broken family? Get 3 books in 1: BEAR, RAT, & CHRYSIX!
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Format: Paperback


Book Synopsis

Benji Calyx is so close to saving his mother from her off-world prison when he steps onto the Fall Gauntlet arena for the finals. Victory means his wish—to save his mother—will be granted, but not all is as it seems. The Dei are angry, the Crown is scheming, and Benji’s final opponent, the bear, is Benji’s estranged younger brother, Soren.

Things just got a lot more complicated.

This Fall Gauntlet Paperback Bundle includes the following Fall Gauntlet titles:

Book 1: BEAR
Book 2: RAT

J. A. Merkel’s Fall Gauntlet series is a dystopian sci-fi short story collection about Benji and Soren’s misadventures to outsmart the Crown and save a family lost to them, all while learning how to be brothers again.

Paperback Details

  • Number of Pages: 210
  • Time To Read: 5.5 Hours
  • Word Count: 52454
  • Series: The Fall Gauntlet
  • Paperback Size: 5" x 8" (147mm x 243mm)


The Fall Gauntlet is also available as a complete eBook Bundle, which includes all 3 books in the series.


Meet The Author

I write to give others hope and the same kind of second chances that writing still gives me. Second chances about what, you may ask? Well . . . I can’t reveal all my secrets here. It’s certainly a big part of why I wrote The Fall Gauntlet series.

If you want to embark on your own reading quest and experience the series yourself, then pick up the gauntlet.

I appreciate your interest in my work.

Read my story

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