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Embark on a perilous quest into the heart of Calypso's treacherous Fall Gauntlet, where Benji and Soren confront the ultimate test of their courage and determination.

A decade after their mother's unjust imprisonment in the far reaches of the galaxy, Benji finds himself with a chance to free her from captivity. The path to her liberation? Victory in the Fall Gauntlet, a brutal contest of survival where only one wins.

In a world where loyalty is a luxury and survival is paramount, Benji is faced with impossible choices. And when he discovers that his final adversary wearing a bear mask is more familiar than he'd like to admit, he realizes that the greatest challenge lies not in the arena, but in confronting the bond of brotherhood itself.

Journey alongside Benji and Soren in The Fall Gauntlet series by J. A. Merkel. Prepare to be swept away by the pulse-pounding action, profound emotion, and the unyielding spirit of two brothers bound by love and the quest for redemption.

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